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"I received my video today and it made the basic stitch so clear...easy to understand...I also love the projects on the video...the baby booties and baby is well worth the money."
Rosie from Indiana

Crochenit Starter Kit - Special Offer

The Crochenit Starter Kit is the perfect way to learn the basics of Crochenit. In this special introductory package, you get:

starter kit
  • Crochenit Basic Concepts DVD Running time 52 minutes
    • Meet Mary
    • The basic stitch
    • How to shape
    • How to stitch articles using a needle and thread
    • How to stitch articles without a needle and thread (using a slip stitch)
    • How to hide yarn ends
    • Make baby booties and child's cap

  • The Crochenit Needle and Stitch Protectors

  • Pattern Book 1 (printed and bound)
    • Fundamental information
    • Instructions for Knitters
    • Instructions for left and right hand
    • Basic Stitch 101 sample swatch
    • Easy booties in Basic Stitch
    • Little bells in Basic Stitch
    • Baby afghan in Basic Stitch
    • Large afghan in Basic Stitch
    • Sample 300 Shell Stitch baby afghan
    • Basic Stitch and Shell Stitch 315 baby afghan
    • Fluffy Stitch 304 baby afghan and large afghan
    • Corn Stitch 305 baby afghan and large afghan
    • Corn and Shell Stitch 309 sample shawl, large shawl, stoles
    • Sample Lovely Stitch 201 baby afghan
    • Sample 210 shoulder bag, tote
    • Edgings for afghans, shawls, etc.
    • Sample Rib Stitch 122 cap and scarf
    • Sample 211 Christmas bell hanger
    • Sample 102 Double Basic Stitch pot holder, flower dish scrubber

(a $27.85 value) - regular $24.95 NOW ONLY $19.95 (limited time only)