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Crochenit (pronounced "crochet knit" ) is for everyone, whether you crochet, knit, or just want to learn something new! It combines the art of crochet and knit using a unique double hook to create beautiful articles faster and easier than before, with less yarn!

1. Get the Crochenit Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is the easiest way to learn how to Crochenit. It contains The Crochenit Needle, a printed version of Pattern Book 1 that teaches you six different Crochenit stitches and contains 19 patterns, and the Basic Concepts DVD in which creator Mary Middleton herself teaches the basics of Crochenit.

2. Explore our Website

Discover over 200 patterns designed for the Crochenit needle, watch introductory videos, get project ideas, join our Crochenit forum, and more!

3. Grab your yarn and get started!

All types of yarn can be used to make Crochenit creations. All projects are reversible, so you can use two colors, or double-up for a solid color. Now you're ready to make beautiful Crochenit creations using less yarn and less time than any other method.