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Answers to your questions about Crochenit.

What is Crochenit?

Crochenit (pronounced "crochet knit") combines the art of crocheting and knitting, using only one hook. It’s faster, easier, and uses less yarn than regular knitting or crocheting!

Do I have to crochet or knit in order to learn Crochenit?

Crochenit is a separate craft from crocheting and knitting, and you don't have to have any experience in order to learn it.

What can I make?

Mary Middleton has designed over two hundred patterns for the Crochenit Needle. These patterns are easy to follow, with many illustrations and samples. They have all been created and sized so you can do any of them using just the one size needle. The stitch and the kind of yarn used make it possible to create items from lacy shawls or baby afghans to heavy potholders, afghans or sweaters (and much, much more). Search our patterns by Creation to see a full list.

How is crochenit different than crocheting or knitting?

Crochenit is started with a chain (ch) like crocheting. The next pick up row (PU) is done by placing the loops on the needle like in knitting. Some articles can look like knitting, others like crocheting. It is unique and does not replace knitting or crocheting but brings new ideas and patterns.

What is the difference between the Crochenit Needle and other double hooks?

The Crochenit Needle has a specially designed tip that is more pointed than a typical crochet hook or other double hooks. This makes it much faster and easier to slip through the stitches.

Why are there two shopping carts?

All Pattern Books are available for download and do not require shipping, so they are handled through a separate cart.