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Crocheting + Knitting

Crochenit is started with a chain (ch) like crocheting. The next pick up row (PU) is done by placing the loops on the needle like in knitting. Some articles can look like knitting, others like crocheting. It is unique and does not replace knitting or crocheting but brings new ideas and patterns.

Instructions and Abbreviations

Basic instructions for both left-handed and right-handed people are found in all Crochenit Pattern Books. They can also be downloaded here.

What is the difference between the Crochenit Needle and other double hooks?

There are two major differences. First, the Crochenit Needle has a specially designed tip that is more pointed than a typical crochet hook or other double hooks. This makes it much faster and easier to slip through the stitches.

Second, Mary Middleton has designed over two hundred patterns for the Crochenit Needle. These patterns are easy to follow, with many illustrations and samples. They have all been created and sized so you can do any of them using just the one size needle. The stitch and the kind of yarn used make it possible to create items from lacy shawls or baby afghans to heavy potholders, afghans or sweaters (and much, much more). All these take less yarn than other methods, are easier to do and take much less time.

Cable Hooks and Large Items

Looking for a Cable Hook to make large items? Crochenit has simple technique you can learn to make items as large as you want using the standard Crochenit Needle. It's easier than using a cable hook. It's called the "Bedspread Technique" because it is perfect for making a bedspread. Watch the Tutorial to see how.

Pattern Adjustments for Other Hooks

You can use these patterns with other hooks, but there are some adjustments you will need to make. The Crochenit patterns are designed for a size M needle. If you are using a double hook of a smaller size, your stitches will be tighter and your finished article will be heavier and will require more yarn. Toys and clothing sizes will be different as well. Depending on the look you want, you can make the adjustments as you go. Make a sample swatch first to help you in making your adjustments.
Needle Size Stitches required for a 3 1/2 inch swatch
M (Crochenit Needle size) 10
L 13
K 14
H 17
7 18
G 19


"It is hard for arthritic hands to hold on to small objects so the size and length of the Crochenit needle make it so much easier for arthritic hands to grasp. I also find it easier to turn my work. When it gets larger I can pile it on my lap and as I turn the needle I only have to move the top portion of my projects back and forth instead of having to lift the whole thing and reposition it at the end of each row. This keeps me from having to lift the weight, that, as any crocheter knows, can get really heavy towards the end of the project."
Pat, Tennessee